Even as a young woman I was a globetrotter, perhaps because I was born in Burghausen  a medieval town on the Salzach river – once a well-known trade route for salt. My passion for creating textiles has  accompanied me all my life. During my childhood I began  sewing  and knitting. Since my social year in La Paz, Bolivia, I know how to use a hand spindle. In the last 13 years I attended workshops of internationally known artists, among others May Jacobsen Hvistendahl,  Charlotte Sehmisch, Heidi Greb, Pam de Groot  for felt design, Leentje van Hengel for natural dying, India Flint and Irit Dulman for Ecoprint, Christine Mayer for draping technique and upcycling design.

Nature and experimenting with plants all over the world is an endless source of inspiration. I love to work with preloved textiles, adding something of me and my history, the material shows me the way to create something unique new. Nowadays I am combining natural dying, printing with plants and felting with stitching and sewing to create quilts and embroidery,  framed and wearable art.